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Thomas Grötschnig

Vienna Murals - Street Art Guide Vienna

Vienna Murals - Street Art Guide Vienna

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Vienna Murals - Street Art Guide Vienna

Over 100 pages, A5 landscape format, soft cover. In English. With maps and photos of murals in Vienna, including background infos, who certain artworks were painted by, when, and also who curated them and info about interesting galleries, festivals, agencies, curators etc that all make our city more vibrant and colourful.

About the book

Vienna is transforming fast and positioning itself as one of the most interesting cities for street art in Europe. Renowned graffiti painters no longer pass around the Austrian capital - they leave their artworks here visible for everybody walking the 23 districts. Murals have been around forever, but in the past couple of years, street artists have begun to work on large scale surfaces more and more, often with permission and with the help of ladders, cranes and lifts. The results are artworks in heights barely reached before and the freedom to take more time to finish, which in turn leads to detailed artworks that interact with architecture and structures. This phenomenon is now also well-established in Vienna thanks to the many initiatives, galleries, agencies and curators that make our downtown spaces more vibrant, colourful and beautiful. Vienna is full of artworks both from local and international artists, offers plenty of legal space to paint on and local governments also support this art form more and more. There are lots of different manifestations of public art and street art but this guide focuses on murals as there is currently an incredible dynamic in this art form in Vienna and we’d like to make this dynamic visible for you. This guide’s ambition is neither to be complete nor finished; it is rather a documentation of some selected artworks as found since 2017 until today (2021) which we think you should take a closer look at when walking the streets of this city. Every mural featured in this guide is numbered and includes artist and curator info, the year of painting (if known), as well as the location address and a marker on a map.

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Third Edition - 2021 - Updated version (new ISBN).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Lust auf Art

Da ich immer wieder in Städten weltweit unterwegs bin suche ich immer wieder Möglichkeiten, um nach "Street Art" zu suchen. Diese beiden Ausgaben sind äußerst interessant, zumal ich zwar einiges kenne, aber vieles noch entdecken muss. Somit auf, auf zum nächsten Besuch nach Wien, aber auch in meine nicht so weit entfernte Umgebung. Tolle Guides für "Artlovers"! Aja nicht zu vergessen: prompte Lieferung und dies kurz vor Weihnachten!

Großartige Street art

Wir sind sehr kunst- und kulturbegeistert. Kannten einige der Bilder, aber es war viel unbekanntes dabei. Danke für diese tolle Zusammenstellung. Empfehle ich gerne weiter

Really great books

Gives you good ideas for your next walk in the city!

great books

love your books, especially since you can't go out right now and look for yourself

Karin Hecht
Discover surprising Vienna

highly recommended to discover the "new Vienna", off the classic tourism-paths.